Sunday, January 22, 2012

Todd D'Anna (1977-2012) Ropes & Flowers

Todd D'Anna and Jessica Rogers

Ropes &Flowers

Picture of her and the sky


Like a dog I chase the shadows

Of a dance

I danced

Ten Years ago

You always take my watch off

Before we get into bed

And the seconds

Drip from my wrist

With fresh suicide

Ten years ago



A dance

Chasing shadows

That wore your perfume


Like a dog I howl at the back of the moon

With hourglass rhythms

Singing acappella

Just to handicap

My dreams

Smells of rape in the cool California night

Morning after pill with pink liquor

Staining memory

She says

"you gotta work thru that shit baby"

Full moon empties into san francisco bay sunrise

Like a dog I howl

And wait for the rain to come

It never does

We lay in bed

A switch is touched

My watch is off







Todd D'Anna (Poems from Penny Lane, 2002)


Parrish Lantern said...


Farfalla Press said...

He was one in ten million.

Anonymous said...

What happen to him?

Farfalla Press said...

On January 1st, 2012 Todd D'Anna fell/jumped from the 12th floor of a apartment building in San Francisco. The poem above is his.

Anonymous said...

I dated Todd for years way back when - in another life. I'd been dreaming of him nightly and on a whim googled him and this is what I found. I'm truly devastated. He was always troubled but he had so much passion and was an immense talent. He had a huge impact on my life and I loved him dearly. After all these years I still have every poem he ever wrote me. Anyway I could go on for days..... I just wanted to share with you my sympathies for the loss of this amazing, beautiful, gifted man. I hope he finds in his death the peace that he couldn't find in his too short life.

Farfalla Press said...

I loved him and for the most part feel like he loved so many people that the end his heart was full. I'm putting together his collected poems so if you have some of his work please send it to me at so it can be included, Thank you.

Gary Parrish

Anonymous said...

To whom it may Concern,

I just found out the news tonight from a old HS Friends. I went to JR. High & High School with Todd. He was very out going type of Guy & Always made you Laugh. Not only was he a good writer, he also was a great Actor and could hold a note too. So Very Sorry to hear of this lost. RIP Todd...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I check this page, because I cannot believe the irony. Todd gave me so much inspiration and he left just like the supernova that he was. I wonder if he was a dream? Did I create him? Anyway I still miss him, still have memories, and still laugh.
I remember one night we talked about suicide and Todd told me he did not want to grow old. I will never forget that. I met him when I was young, and now he is gone and I am here growing older. Selfishly I wished I could have seen him one more time, for another laugh for another memory. To live our lives like art just as we did. Well it's not 2004. I still miss him in that perfect memory, we can be timeless together.