Thursday, August 16, 2012

Reviews and Readings: Patrick Kosiewicz, and Jamey Jones

How Many Suns Burn Over Babel Where Poets Die
by Patrick Kosiewicz
2012 farfalla press/McMillan & Parrish
Review by Susan Scutti 


Poetry Translations & the Unnamable by
Margarita Shalina Michelle Campagna
Patrick Kosiewicz, Garrett Burrell SAT. 15 SEP 7-10 285 E 3RD ST

Blue Rain Morning
by Jamey Jones
farfalla press/McMillian & Parrish, 2011
Review by Megan Burns  

Monday, May 14, 2012

How Many Suns Burn Over Babel Where Poets Die book release reading at St Marks Bookstore

Patrick Kosiewicz with Colin Dodds and Jon Reeve

Tuesday, May 22, 2012. 7:00pm to 9:00pm
St Marks Bookstore, 31 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10003

How Many Suns Burn Over Babel Where Poets Die

by Patrick Kosiewicz

farfalla press/McMillan & Parrish


"Heavily muscled myth and scorching reality collide to explosive effect in Patrick Kosiewicz's HOW MANY SUNS BURN OVER BABEL WHERE POETS DIE.This is a fierce, no, ferocious book. If I were you, I would immediately read it."—Laird Hunt

"In the name of God the state of Hell on Earth has many players, many pallbearers, and a lasting, searing torment. Patrick Kosiewicz takes the soldier to the novel like no one you've ever read has been able to do. We start with burning books and never stop burning with a spirituous fire that consumes all in the path before her. This is our world, and we all have a hand in creating it, with or without our permission."—CAConrad


Colin Dodds

Another Broken Wizard

Colin Dodds grew up in Shrewsbury and Worcester, Massachusetts, attending Saint John's High School. He completed his education at The New School in New York City. Norman Mailer wrote that one of Dodds' novels showed "something that very few writers have; a species of inner talent that owes very little to other people." His screenplay, Refreshment - A Tragedy, was named a semi-finalist in 2010 American Zoetrope Contest. Two books of his poetry--The Last Man on the Moon and The Blue Blueprint--are available from Medium Rare Publishing. Dodds' writing has also appeared in a number of periodicals, including The Wall Street Journal Online, Folio, Explosion-Proof, Block Magazine, The Architect's Newspaper, The Main Street Rag, The Reno News & Review and Lungfull! Magazine. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife Samantha.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

S.M.A.R.T. kicks off National Poetry Month in San Antonio.

Original Art Work by Alexis Souza

National Poetry Month kicks off early in San Antonio with performances on March 10 at Luminaria. March is Contemporary Art Month and Smart Month a celebration of readings and visual installations on the San Antonio Riverwalk.

Readings begin at 7:00 p.m. In the Stetson Room of the Hilton Palacio del Rio on the Riverwalk.

March 14 Gary Parrish, Robert Planos and Fernando Flores
March 21 Andy Benavides and Fresh Ink
March 28 Sharon Olinka and Kyle Schlesinger

Readings are brought to you by the S.M.A.R.T.Foundation.

Hosted by Andy Benavides and Gary Parrish.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Todd D'Anna (1977-2012) Ropes & Flowers

Todd D'Anna and Jessica Rogers

Ropes &Flowers

Picture of her and the sky


Like a dog I chase the shadows

Of a dance

I danced

Ten Years ago

You always take my watch off

Before we get into bed

And the seconds

Drip from my wrist

With fresh suicide

Ten years ago



A dance

Chasing shadows

That wore your perfume


Like a dog I howl at the back of the moon

With hourglass rhythms

Singing acappella

Just to handicap

My dreams

Smells of rape in the cool California night

Morning after pill with pink liquor

Staining memory

She says

"you gotta work thru that shit baby"

Full moon empties into san francisco bay sunrise

Like a dog I howl

And wait for the rain to come

It never does

We lay in bed

A switch is touched

My watch is off







Todd D'Anna (Poems from Penny Lane, 2002)