Thursday, February 24, 2011

Akilah Oliver (1961-2011)

My friend, collaborator and Farfalla author Akilah Oliver has passed away. Her work is done here on Earth and like all great people and poets that's what we're left with. Thank you for what you gave here, An Arriving Guard of Angels, Thusly Coming to Greet, In Aporia and Matching Half with Anne Waldman and Ambrose Bye with your accompaniment.

From An Arriving Guard of Angels, Thusly Coming to Greet

dear oluchi -

the light is blinking rapidly on the black boxy answering

machine. your room seems bigger than before and i am still

planning to read some of those robert jordan books of yours.

yesterday at the used bookstore where i was browsing the

mysteries to "stall reality"-- they are really not mysteries at

all, they just employ death as the plot mistress but are

unable to grasp its mystery at all-- well the point is, things

were calm down here for awhile and the world was little. i

want to be big like you. or i want you not vast, not dead, not

gone, but human small and here. i am so selfish. that is what

i really want. to see you again. to oil your scalp. to hear you

walk in the door, say, ma i'm home. give me a chance to say,

welcome home son. or when leaving, don't forget your hat.

what do you wear out there? i wish you could have taken

your new shoes with you. i'm so proud of you. i'm so sorry

for the way you died. i miss you all the time. even before, i

missed you. out there, one time, some different men said:

"shake for me girl, i wanna be your backdoor man". who dat

you love.


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