Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Drive-In Picture Show by Gary Parrish

Gary Parrish
Drive-In Picture Show
Erudite Fangs, 2010
Cover design, interior design & typesetting
by HR Hegnauer
Original Art Work
by George Schneeman
Boulder, Colorado.

There are two things going on simultaneously in Gary Parrish’s poems-- a mix of awkwardness and grace--the absentminded poet stepping on the toes of the goddess, and then apologizing, while his music plays on. The presentation of self is all periphery and sidelong glance and teetering at the edge, and tension--but with a bounce that keeps it all afloat.

These poems are always on the verge--and then (at some point) they explode, like fireworks, in a shower of sparks. He’s been in some odd places, seen things no one else I know has seen, stepped back from and entered into experiences that required more than a share of providence to survive. His poems are just like him--shy and flirty without being coy. He manages to give it all away every time.

Lewis Warsh


parrish lantern said...

thanks for the visit, love this -

when we die we might see the Virgin Mary
sitting before the father, the son, and the Holy Ghost
right now I'll settle for you
with your bra unhooked (under a tree)
on the Staten Island ferry.

Lena Vanelslander said...

Gary, still delighted by your work, still have to let you know how the book went ;-). Talk soon, Lena

Farfalla Press said...

Thank you both very much. Hope you enjoy the poems.

parrish lantern said...

The poem I quoted in the comments box, can I quote on my blog for a Valentines Pomes all sizes post. Will add writers name obviously plus brief bio & publisher details.
Thanks Parrish.
Ps, if I hear nothing, I'll presume it's a no.
Thanks again.

Farfalla Press said...

Hello Parrish,

The poem in the comment box that you quoted is a part of a poem by Jim Carroll. I posted that the day he died while writing at his desk. Check out Petting Zoo a book that just came out by him and also Just Kids by Patti Smith.

Whiskey out, Gary

parrish lantern said...

Seen just kids love patti smith. Will check out Jim Carroll, loved the part you posted. Will raise a glass in honour.

parrish lantern said...

Ps, have joined you on Facebook.

parrish lantern said...

That Jim Carroll ! I deeply & humbly apologize for entering your Blog, with a degree of Ignorance, previously only seen amongst certain forms of plankton.

Farfalla Press said...

No worries buddy, happy reading.