Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jim Cohn - Mantra Winds: Poems 2004-2010

Jim Cohn - Mantra Winds: Poems 2004-2010
Museum of American Poetics Publications, 2010
Boulder, Colorado

"There are many ways to skate across a lake, but the
skaters I enjoy most are the ones who know the
possibility of their art."

Randy Roark

"Mantra Winds collects Jim's mature work,
showcasing his exquisite vulnerability, elegiac
sensibility, the wild uncertain humor of emptiness,
and the hopefulness borne of love itself."

David Cope

"As Ginsberg was the truest son of Whitman for his time,
so Jim Cohn is the truest son of Ginsberg for these times.
Essential reading, essential joy."

Sam Abrams

"["When Skeletons Make Love"] is an amazing tantri poem, incredibly sustained, powerful,
visceral - I love the particulars of the big locked suitcase of stories, the femurs, tusk...."

Anne Waldman

Copies are available by clicking here

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