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Other Flowers uncollected poems Edited by James Meetze and Simon Pettet

Simon Pettet will be reading
with Barbara Henning
at Unnameable Books Sunday March 21st at 2pm
600 Vanderbilt Avenue,Brooklyn (between Dean and St Marks)-
718-789-1534. The nearest train is the QB to 7th Ave; 2 or 3 to
Grand Army Plaza or the C to Clinton-Washington Ave

James Schuyler 1923-1991

When Raymond Foye asked James Schuyler about when he first thought of becoming a writer, Schuyler said he first wanted to be an architect as he was a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright. He then continued:

... reading is what I did most of, poetry and prose. In the back of our house was a gully, a slightly wild area, where I had a tent for the summer. And I was reading a book called Unforgotten Years, by Logan Pearcal Smith. He told how Whitman used to come to their house in Philadelphia from Camden, and what it was like—how Whitman used to sit in the outhouse singing "Old Jim Crow." But then he says the idea suddenly entered his mind that maybe someday he too could be a writer. And I looked up from the book to the landscape outside and it all sort of shimmered.

James Marcus Schuyler was born November 9, 1923 in Chicago, but grew up in Washington DC and near Buffalo in western New York State. He attended Bethany college in West Virginia, but recalled that he did poorly there because I just played bridge all the time. After serving in the Navy during WWII, he moved to New York where he befriended W.H. Auden while working at NBC. He became Auden's typist and moved to Italy with him, but later recalled that he found Auden's formal style inhibiting.

When he returned to New York, Schuyler became a curator at MoMA and a critic for Art News which led him to befriend Willem and Elaine De Kooning, Larry Rivers, and Fairfield Porter with whom he lived for many years. He also befriended Frank O'Hara and John Ashbury.

Always shy, and suffering from manic depression, he avoided reading in public until his final years. Though considered a part of the New York School, and known as a resident at Hotel Chelsea, he claimed to be most productive and happiest when he resided in a country setting.

He received the Frank O'Hara Prize for poetry in 1969 for Freely Espousing, an in 1981 won a Pulitzer Prize for his 1980 collection, The Morning of the Poem.

James Schuyler died of a stroke in New York in 1991 at the age of sixty-seven.







Video and text from PoemsBeingRead

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Lama Yeshe Palmo Teaches Buddhist Meditation/Teaching/Practice

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

6:30pm - 9:30pm

KDK Buddhist Center (at The Culture Center)

410 Columbus Ave., between 79/80th Streets

New York, NY
Lama Yeshe Palmo has been a student of Kalu Rinpoche and Lama Norlha Rinpoche since the early ‘80s, when she was a naturalist and folklorist. She received her ordination from HE Tai Situ Rinpoche in 1996, and subsequently entered the traditional Three-Year Retreat at Kagyu Thubten Choling Monastery. After its completion, she entered the retreat for a second time. Since the conclusion of her second retreat, she has since been the main caretaker of Niguling (women’s retreat).

Join us in our wonderful space for traditional Dharma Meditation/Teaching/Chenrezi Practice with an Ordained Lama, under the guidance of Lama Norlha Rinpoche.


Teachings & instructions are in English, chanting is in Tibetan (with English transliteration to read).

6:30pm~7:15pm - Shamatha / Shinay Meditation Instructions (Beginners welcome)
7:15pm~8:00pm - Buddhist Teaching by Lama
8:00pm~9:00pm - Chenrezi Practice / Chanting Puja, you can chant along, silently read the translation, just listen or meditate.

Donation is: $10; Members & Students: $5

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Bill Berkson & Bernadette Mayer / What's Your Idea of a Good Time?

What's Your Idea of a Good Time?
Bill Berkson & Bernadette Mayer
225 pages
tuumba catalog/Duration Press
ISBN 1-931157-08-1

Between 1977 and 1985, Bill Berkson and Bernadette Mayer interviewed each other on a range of topics. Collected here for the first time, the resulting documents, along with accompanying letters, are variously celebratory, flirtatious, investigative, experimental, and probing. This volume offers a collaborative portrait of two major American writers in action.

Bill Berkson was born in New York in 1939. His recent books of poetry include Fugue State, Hymns of St. Bridget & Other Writings with Frank O'Hara, Gloria (in a deluxe limited edition with etchings by Alex Katz), and an online chapbook entitledSame Here (bigbridge.org, issue 11). A collection of his criticism, The Sweet Singer of Modernism & Other Art Writings: 1985-2003, appeared in 2004. Berkson was the 2006 Distinguished Mellon Lecturer at the Skowhegan School of Art. He lives in San Francisco, where he has been professor of Liberal Arts at the San Francisco Art Institute since 1984.

Bernadette Mayer was born in 1945 in Brooklyn. She is the author of numerous volumes of both poetry and prose, the most recent of which are Scarlet Tanager and the re-issue of her "epic of daily life," Midwinter Day. Other key works by Mayer include Studying Hunger, The Golden Book of Words, and The Desires of Mothers to Please Others in Letters. From 1967-69, with Vito Acconci, she edited the journal 0-9, and subsequently, with Lewis Warsh, she was the editor of United Artists. Throughout the 1980s, she was the Director of the Poetry Project in New York City and she ha taught there and at the New School. She currently lives in upstate New York.

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Isis (Live 1975)

Hurricane (World Of John Hammond, 1975)

One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below

Sara (Rolling Thunder Revue, 1975)

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Charles Olson and Robert Creeley

Charles Olson reads 'The Librarian' (Mar 1966)

Charles Olson reads 'Maximus to Gloucester, Letter 27 [withheld]' (Mar 1966)

Robert Creeley reading "After Lorca"

Robert Creeley reading "Please"

"The Language" by Robert Creeley

Animated poem read by Carl Hancock Rux. Part of Poetry Everywhere, produced by the Poetry Foundation in association with docUWM at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Animation by Chad Edwards.

Naropa's Summer Writing Program 2010

Naropa has announced their 2010 Summer writing Schedule, and it's a stellar lineup as usual. The entire program runs from June 14-July 11, and participants can enroll for the full four weeks, or any of the individual weeks within the month. Whether you're a poet or not, it's a unique opportunity to meet, interact & study with some of the more important poets living, & a good excuse to spend a few summer weeks in Boulder Colorado.

Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics June 14–July 11, 2010
Credit and noncredit programs available
Poetry - Fiction - Translation - Letterpress Printing

Week One: June 14–20
Poet or Assassin?
Charles Alexander, Junior Burke, Julie Carr, Linh Dinh, Steve Evans, Thalia Field, Ross Gay, Bobbie Louise Hawkins, Laird Hunt, Stephen Graham Jones, Bhanu Kapil, Joanne Kyger, Jaime Manrique, Jennifer Moxley, Jennifer Scappettone, David Trinidad, & Others.

Week Two: June 21–27
Planet News: Investigating Eco-Ethos-Eros

Jane Augustine, Sherwin Bitsui, Caroline Bergvall, Ed Bowes, Jack Collom, Samuel R. Delany, Jon Davis, Santee Frazier, Alan Gilbert, Allison Hedge Coke, Michael Heller, Brenda Hillman, Helen Howe Braider, Lisa Jarnot, Layli Long Soldier, Tracie Morris, dg okpik, Daniel Pinchbeck, Evelyn Reilly, Elizabeth Robinson, James Stevens, Mary Tasillo, Orlando White, & Others.

Week Three: June 28–July 4
Great Divides & Common Ground
Erik Anderson, Sinan Antoon, Sherwin Bitsui, Xi Chuan, Dolores Dorantes, Jack Hirschman, Jen Hofer, Anselm Hollo, Bob Holman, Brian Kiteley, Semezdin Mehmedinovic, Murat Nemet-Nejat, Akilah Oliver, Margaret Randall, Damion Searls, Julia Seko, & Others.

Week Four: July 5–11
Public Space: Performance & Small Press Publishing

Penny Arcade, Amiri Baraka, Laynie Browne, Ambrose Bye, Douglas Dunn, Danielle Dutton, Brian Evenson, Colin Frazer, Joanna Howard, Allan Kornblum, Rachel Levitsky, Michelle Naka Pierce, Julie Patton, Martin Riker, Selah Saterstrom, Patricia Smith, Steven Taylor, Anne Waldman, & Others.

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The Collected Poems of Larry Eigner. Edited by Curtis Faville and Robert Grenier

The Collected Poems of Larry Eigner, Volumes 1-4
Edited by Curtis Faville and Robert Grenier
Stanford University Press
now out!

Robert Grenier's introduction

There is no 20th century American poet more present, more pertinent, more necessary than Larry Eigner. The editorial focus in this definitive collection is to present Eigner's work in a manner that rigorously adheres to the author's typewritten manuscripts as the best guide to the visual shape of each poem. As a result, this astonishing edition is the first full-scale publication of Eigner's serial poetry that gives a comprehensive experience of both the epic scale and meticulously intricate details of his aesthetic vision. Grenier and Faville have done a heroic job assembling the poems of an American hero, whose splendor shines through each and every one of these pages and whose spirit lingers in the spaces between the words.

Advance praise from Silliman, Gelpi, Hejnian, Friedlander, Ratcliffe, Creeley, and Robinson.

Eigner at EPC
Eigner at PennSound

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The Vagina Monologues at the LIU Brooklyn Campus

The International Women's Caucus, a brand new group at LIU, is performing a reading of The Vagina Monologues on March 5th and 6th at 7pm on both nights. 10% of all of our proceeds are going to benefit women of the Democratic Rebublic of the Congo. Come to this event, show your activism against sexual violence and learn more than you ever thought you knew about Vaginas.

Contact Alicia Berbenick aberbenick@gmail.com for ticket information. Tickets are 5$ for Students and Seniors with ID and 7$ for Adults.

Cast Includes:

Tejan Green
Rachel Jackson
Marita Downes
Tamara Lebron
Yani Gonzalez
Patia Braithwaite
Blayne Jeffries
Memoona Rizwan
Christine Gains
Alicia Berbenick

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Peter and Julius Orlovsky

At Naropa

Julius Orlovsky

Village Gate June 7. 1966, Barbara Rubin, Tuli Kupferberg, Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, Ed Sanders, Gerard Malanga, Andy Warhol.(Storm De Hirsch)

Allen Ginsberg with Peter Orlovsky (meditating), Arthur Russell (cello) and Steven Taylor (guitar) perform on Nam June Paik's TV special for PBS "Good Morning Mr. Orwell" from 1984.

Jean-Jacques Lebel unveils a commemorative plaque to mark the site of the famous Beat Hotel in Paris. Site of the completion of William Burroughs' Naked Lunch and where he wrote many other books including The Soft Machine, plus where his and Brion Gysin's cut-up method was discovered and developed and where Gysin's Dream Machine took shape. Gregory Corso wrote "Bomb", Allen Ginsberg started "Kaddish" etc etc. Beat history.

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Three Poems by Weldon Kees

Video and text courtesy of PoemsBeingRead

Weldon Kees 1914-1955

Poet, writer, film maker, photographer, artist, musician, composer, in his short life, Weldon Kees was all of these.

During the days leading up to that foggy San Fransisco day July 18, 1955, Weldon Kees had been talking about going to Mexico to start a new life. On July 19, The highway patrol found his keys in the ignition of his Plymouth Savoy where it was parked on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge. His cat Lonesome was found in his apartment. Missing were his sleeping bag and his savings bank book with an $800 balance. The money was never withdrawn from the account. In Vanished Act: The Life and Art of Weldon Kees, biographer James Reidel mentions a childhood friend's report that she had seen Kees in New Orleans in 1962 with a blond on his arm.

Weldon Kees was born February 24, 1914 in Beatrice Nebraska, As a boy, he published his own movie magazine that he filled with facts about film stars as well as poems and stories. He went to Doane College, the University of Missouri, and the University of Nebraska where he graduated in 1935.

He began to publish his poetry soon after graduation, first writing for the Federal Writer's Project in Lincoln Nebraska. He moved to Colorado in 1937 and married Ann Swan. They moved to New York in 1943 where he worked for Time magazine and attended parties where he met critics like Lionel Trilling and Edmund Wilson. He also began to paint and show his work alongside Hans Hofman and Willem de Kooning.

In 1950 Kees moved to San Fransisco where he continued to write and paint. There, he also broadcast a weekly radio show Behind the Movie Camera on which Pauline Kael was a regular guest. He played piano with professional jazz groups, and wrote music for the short film Adventures of Jimmy.

On the afternoon of July 18, 1955, Weldon Kees called Pauline Kael and asked her What keeps you going?