Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ed Bowes


A new film by Ed Bowes

December 11th, 8PM

The School of Visual Arts Theater

333 W 23rd St. NYC

Free to the Public

Entanglement is a story about how we think,
what we want, the ways of our visual memory, about the patterns and phrases that float through our minds.

Abigail, Rowena, Jun and Glance are the subjects and agents of the movie. Their entanglements with one another and with their worlds of image, ideas, sexual desire and retreat are its content.

Entanglement is Ed Bowes' tenth major film, his fourth in a series that focuses on the relationships between word and image. It is the second film he has written with poet Anne Waldman.

Bob Holman on Entanglement:
Entanglement is a walk-in poem, and when you're inside the only way out is to go further in. Finally you walk through Eleni Sikelianos's pupil and then- but I don't want to give anything away- well it has to do with the ambiguity of the human body, and beauty's stillness.

What's quite remarkable to me is Ed Bowes ability to allow the actors (Oona Fraser, Eleni Sikelianos, Michael Jones and Angie Yeowell) to speak lines of poetry (by Bowes, Waldman, Myles, and others) as dialogue; a world where poetry is spoken is the world of Entanglement. Richness and intellect, simplicity and mystery, love and terrifying beauty abound.”

Entanglement features the poets and performers

Eleni Sikelianos, Oona Fraser, Michael Jones and Angie Yeowell. Also includes the participation of Reed Bye and Akilah Oliver, and the poetry of Robert Creeley and Eileen Myles.

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