Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hoa Nguyen in New York

Gesture and Fragment: Hoa Nguyen, Paolo Javier

and Todd Shimoda

October 1st

7:00pm to 9:00pm

16 West 32nd Street, 10th floor

(btwn Broadway & 5th Ave)

Hoa Nguyen was born near Saigon, grew up in the DC area, and studied poetics at New College in San Francisco. She currently lives in Austin Texas where she teaches creative writing. Her most recent books include Kiss A Bomb Tattoo (Effing Press, 2009) and Hecate Lochia (Hot Whiskey, 2009). Cathy Wagner has said, "Space scores Hoa's poems and inserts them into time. Her spaces resemble connecting canyons, arroyos, that threaten to rush full in a storm -- they are capacious enough to handle the emotion (mine) that rises to meet the poem."

Jim Carroll at St. Mark's Church, Oct 7, 1998

Footage by Rosebud Pettet


Personal Stash (Recently Received)

Joe Brainard - Postcard
Z Press -  Calais, VT

Kazuko Shiraishi - Let Those Who Appear
Translated from the Japanese by Samuel Grolmes & Yumiko Tsumura
New Directions, New York, NY 2002

Inside front cover.

Elio Schneeman - Along The Rails
United Artist Books, New York, NY
1991, Back cover photo by Robert Ullmann

Amiri Baraka - Somebody Blew Up America
Signed chapbook, Oakland layout by Black Dot Press
Cover art by Emory Douglas

Anne Waldman - Fast Speaking Woman
City Lights Books, 1975 San Francisco, CA
Front cover art by Sheyla Baykal

Thuggery & Grace - edited by Anne Waldman & Erik Anderson
Boulder, Co 2008 - Cover Image by Richard O'Russa
Contributors: Richard Froude, Andrea Rexilius, Eileen Myles, Ed Bowes, Philip Whalen, Reed Bye, Sara Veglahn and Maureen Owen 

Reed Bye - Gaspar Still In His Cage
Erudite Fangs Edition/Smokeproof Press  2002
Cover collage by George Schneeman

Keith Abbott - Being Alone With A Girl
Blue Suede Shoes Press, 1975
Cover art by Opal L. Nations

Out There #5 - edited by Neil Hackman
Out There Press, 1974 Chicago, IL - Cover Art by Dave Lerner
Contributors:  Peter Schjeldahl, Philip Whalen, Kenneth Rexroth, Tony Towle, Rochelle Kraut, Neil Hackman, Bob Rosenthal, Tom Raworth, Lewis MacAdams, Robert Creeley and Richard Friedman

Monday, September 28, 2009

Bernadette Mayer: New House Poem

Bernadette Mayer at Miami University, April, 5th 2006

EOAGH: Issue Five

EOAGH: A Journal of the Arts is concerned with reading as a process, the productive chaos of investigative poetic work. These acts of attention explore the close listening inherent not just in writing but also in being written. Inspired by Whitman's assertion that "Reading is a gymnast's act," we see readings as embodied, interdisciplinary responses that engage with one's environment through ekphrasis, phenomenology, queering, and the pursuit of conceptual complexity/density. We seek poetry, prose, articles, and readings that address these concerns in contemporary avant-garde, experimental, and innovative writing.


Unnameable Books

600 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn

8:00 Amy King

8:15 Christopher Stackhouse

8:30 Mark Lamoureux

8:45 Christie Ann Reynolds

9:00 Eric Lindley

9:15 Bill Marsh

9:30 Adeena Karasick

9:45 Amanda Deutch


Unnameable Books

600 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn

12:30 Sara Wintz

12:45 Geoffrey Olsen

1:00 Karin Randolph

1:15 Filip Marinovich

1:30 Andrew Levy

1:45 Kate Colby

2:00 Pattie McCarthy

2:15 Graeme Bezanson

2:30 Chelsea Hodson

2:45 break

3:00 Gregory Laynor

3:15 Kristi Maxwell

3:30 Laura Goldstein

3:45 Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino

4:00 Paige Taggart

4:15 James Belflower

4:30 Jeremy James Thompson

4:45 break

5:00 Joel Lewis

5:15 Sean Casey

5:30 Kristen Gallagher

5:45 Lawrence Giffin

6:00 Michael Kelleher

6:15 Rajiv Mohabir

6:30 Nick Piombino

6:45 break

7:00 Michael Rerick

7:15 N. M. Hoffman

7:30 Paul Siegel

7:45 Robyn Art

8:00 Penelope Bloodworth

8:15 Rick Snyder

8:30 Matthew Rotando

8:45 break

9:00 Stephanie Gray

9:15 Will Edmiston


Martin Segal Theater

CUNY Graduate Center

365 Fifth Ave NYC

6:00 Dorothea Lasky

6:10 Kate Broad

6:20 Uche Nduka

6:30 John Harkey

6:40 Thomas Fink

6:50 CA Conrad

7:00 Benjamin Miller

7:10 Vincent Katz

7:20 Louis Bury

7:30 Anne Tardos

7:40 Emily Moore

7:50 Ari Banias

8:00 Paolo Javier

8:10 Stefania Heim

8:20 Kimberly Lyons

8:30 Emily Beall

8:40 Julian Brolaski

8:50 Sueyeun Juliette Lee

EOAGH: A Journal of the Arts presents Issue 5 in late September 2009.

A print edition of the journal will be available soon through Chax Press. For ordering or subscription information, contact editor Tim Peterson at

Friday, September 25, 2009

Nelly Arcan (1974-2009)

Quebec writer Nelly Arcan was found dead late last night. Arcan, author of Putain, an autobiographical novel about her life as a prostitute, was one of Canada's most important feminist writers.


All Those Ships That Never Sailed (Bob Kaufman) read by Harryette Mullen

Harryette Mullen reads "All those ships that never sailed" by Bob Kaufman at the Festival of California Poets.

Frank O'Hara and Kristin Prevallet

Verse Theater Manhattan presents staged readings of

Try! Try! by Frank O'Hara
and Clutter by Kristin Prevallet

Featuring Andy Kirtland, Dan Illian, Elizabeth Ruelas

with talk-backs on "Try! Try!" by Lytle Shaw (Monday night) and Anne Waldman (Tuesday night.)

A man. A woman. An interloper. Frank O'Hara's lyrical vignette of love, lust, and social disruption. Kristin Prevallet's contemporary snapshot of spacial claustrophobia and mental rewiring.

45 Bleecker Street Theater NY, NY- September 28, and 29, 2009 8pm

Two shows! Purchase tickets from

Try! Try!, first published in 1951, is among Frank O' Hara's earliest theater pieces, and remains one of his most lyrical and accessible works in its unnerving blend of Greek tragedy and Hollywood farce. A wife waits for her husband to come home form the war. Her lover waits for her husband to come home from the war. Her husband comes home from the war. This won't be pretty.

Clutter by poet Kristin Prevallet is a black comedy about the Internet's malevolent influence on the minds of Ben and Lacy -- two writers with opposing creative minds. Imagining a time in the not-too-distant future when we communicate directly with Google muses who cross-reference our every thought, Clutter entertains the question: can the Internet rewire our brains and remap our reality? As Nicholas Carr writes in his widely circulated article, Is Google Making Us Stupid?, "When the Net absorbs a medium, that medium is re-created in the Net's image." For Ben and Lacy, resisting being absorbed is as difficult as maintaining order in their own apartment, particularly when someone -- or something -- keeps rearranging the furniture.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jack Collom & Joshua Beckman

Jack Collom's Sonnets and SIWSPELL, both from 2004

September 30th, 8:00 pm @ The Poetry Project at St. Marks Church,
131 E. 10th Street, New York NY 10003, 212-674-0910

Jack Collom was born in Chicago in 1931. He grew up in Illinois and Colorado small towns, walking the woods a lot, loving nature, then studied Forestry at Colorado A&M. He spent four years in the U.S. Air Force as a clerk-typist, then worked in factories for twenty years while becoming a poet (first poems writ in Tripoli, Libya). Since then, 30+ years as freelance poetry teacher, including long-term adjunct work at Naropa U. in Boulder. 23 books and chapbooks of poetry, the latest being Situations, Sings (with Lyn Hejinian), Adventures in Poetry, 2008, and Exchanges of Earth & Sky, Fishdrum (NYC) 2006. Large selected volume, Red Car Goes By, Tuumba (Berkeley) 2001. Also author of three books on and of writings by children, including Poetry Everywhere, Teachers & Writers Collaborative (NYC) 1994. Assembly of nature essays coming up through ecopoetics. Huge collection of bizarrely varied nature poetry simmering. Father of four, married to writer Jennifer Heath.

Joshua Beckman was born in New Haven, Connecticut. He is the author of six books, including Take It (Wave Books, 2009), Shake and two collaborations with Matthew Rohrer : Nice Hat. Thanks. and Adventures While Preaching the Gospel of Beauty. He is an editor at Wave Books and has translated numerous works of poetry and prose, including Poker by Tomaz Salamun, which was a finalist for the PEN America Poetry in Translation Award. He lives in Seattle and New York.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jim Carroll 1950-2009

when we die we might see the Virgin Mary
sitting before the father, the son, and the Holy Ghost
right now I'll settle for you
with your bra unhooked (under a tree)
on the Staten Island ferry.

Living at the Movies JC

Recently Received

The Boston Eagles at Walden Pond, 1973
John Wieners, Lee Harwood, Lewis Warsh & William Corbett
Photograph by Judith Walker, Postcard by Pressed Wafer
The Boston Eagle #2- February 1974- Boston, Mass
Contributors: John Wieners, Fanny Howe, Lewis Warsh, Lee Harwood, Michael Palmer, William Corbett, Jonathan Cott, Paul Evans, Gerard Malanga, Pat Nolan, Larry Fagin and Bill Berkson.  Cover Art by Joe Brainard  
David Cope: at the Scarab/Detroit 
poems from Moonlight Rose in Blue (Selected Poems 1974-2009)
Dedication: for Suzanne, lover and companion 

LeRoi Jones: Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note
Chapbook: Totem/Corinth, Seventh Printing 1978, Cover Drawing by Basil King
Robert Creeley: His Idea
The Coach House Press, 1973
Photographs by Elsa Dorfman
Angel Hair 4 - Winter 1967-68 - NYC and Williamstown, Mass
Contributors: Kenward Elmslie, Anne Waldman, Tom Clark, Sotere Torregian, Dick Gallup, Jonathan Cott, Clark Coolidge, Lewis Warsh, Joanne Kyger, Ron Padgett, John Stanton, Philip Whalen, Peter Schjeldahl, Larry Fagin, Kenneth Koch, Kathleen Torregian, Ted Greenwald, Allan Kaplan, Ted Berrigan, Lee Harwood, John Perreault and Tom Veitch
Excerpt from Angel Hair 4- Unexpectedly, from the outside, it rains. Joanne Kyger
Anselm Berrigan: Have a Good One
Cy Press, August 2008
300 copy run in Myriad Pro