Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eileen Myles presents The Collection of Silence

Eileen Myles presents THE COLLECTION OF SILENCE: a baroque site-specific work around the possibilities of silence as central to the syntax and punctuation of everyday life.

Being invited by Dia to curate a performance for a summer evening vaguely in response to Zoe Leonard's show and the Hispanic Society's collection, Myles invited five poets who invited five other poets (so there’s 25, names below). Also participating are The Village Zendo, soprano Juliana Snapper, dancer Christine Elmo and four cohorts and 40 kids from PS 4 conducted by poets Julie Patton and Christine Hou and a life drawing group from Brooklyn known as  F>A>R>T>S (Friends of the Fine Arts) ; all will converge to sit, move, read and perform SILENTLY for one hour on the Hispanic Society’s incredibly spacious and evocative Audubon Plaza. You as audience are invited to come up and stroll amongst this silent happening at your own genial pace. You’re urged to dress vividly & shamelessly as if you were attending a wedding or a renaissance fair or a nature hike, an art opening, poetry reading or to spray-paint things on your roof. At 8:15 the silence will end and morph into a decent party. The silent texts will be available in a bilingual edition at the performance.  - Eileen Myles



Tuesday, June 30, 7 PM

Hispanic Society of America, Broadway bet. W. 155th & 156th St.; 

outside in the Audubon Terrace

The Hispanic Society of America info:



DIA info:


Monday, June 29, 2009

Entanglement a new film by Ed Bowes

Naropa's Summer Writing Program presents:
Entanglement a film premiere by Ed Bowes. Entanglement is the tenth film by Bowes and the second that he has written with poet Anne Waldman.

Premiere starts at 7:00 PM in ATLAS Center for Arts, Media, and Performance at the University of Colorado, Boulder. A second showing will also be played June 26, directly after the first, at 8:30 PM.

Read more about Ed Bowes by clicking here and more about the premiere including commentary from Michael Roberts and Alan Gilbert by clicking here.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Recently Received

Simon Pettet- 5oo Postcard Project
Farfalla Press, Brooklyn NY, 2010
First 10 hand-made postcards of 400 to date-

Boston Poetry Marathon 2003 Postcard Set, 
Boog City, New York NY, Border by Hedi Sorger
60 sets 26 of which are signed, this set being set R.

Contributers: Jim Behle, Dan Bouchard, Lisa Bourbeau, Lee Ann Brown, Maxine Chernoff, Sean Cole, Donna de la Perriere, Jocelyn Emerson, Thomas Fink, Joanna Fuhrman, Johannes Goransson, Paul Hoover, David Kirschenbaum, Tanya Larkin, Ruth Lepson, Lori Lubeski, Michael Magee, Wanda Phipps, Peter Richards, Douglas Rothschild, Linda Russo, David Shapiro and Diane Wald 

Introduction to America, a History in Verse
Volume 3 (1962-1970) by Edward Sanders
Boog City, New York NY, 2001
Cover and inside art by E. Sanders
Layout by D. Kirschenbaum

Poem for Elizabeth Who in a Bar Mentioned a Horse
by David A. Kirschenbaum
Boog City, New York NY

Street Magic
By Grant D. McLeman
Spiritus Mundi Press 2009  
Worthington, Mass.

The Recluse 5: Homage to George Schneeman
The Poetry Project at St Marks Church, Ltd. , June 2009
Front cover and inserts by George Schneeman
Edited by Stacy Szymaszek, Corrine Fitzpatrick and Arlo Quint

Contributors: Elio Schneeman, Michael Lally, Maureen Owen, Will Yackulic, Sandy Berrigan, Pamela Lawton, Vincent Katz, Elinor Nauen, Anselm Berrigan, Todd Colby, Lisa Birman, Steven Hall, Edmund Berrigan, Gary Parrish and Cliff Fyman


The Inspired Word Monday Reading Series Presents: DubbleX, Eisen-Martin, Fadul, Jones, Leftow, Shalforoosh, Sherman and Tantra-Zawadi

Time: 7:00-10 pm (though you're welcome to stay until closing time)

Performer Bios:

DubbleX has been writing & playing music his entire life. He has been published by Street Literature Review Magazine (paper) The Cartier Street Review, the Nov. 3rd Club, Polarity, Mad Swirl, and readerjack.com, and wheelhouse magazine. DubbleX teaches special education and writes & plays music to stay sane.

Originally from San Francisco, Tongo Eisen-Martin leads workshops for people committed to using their creativity against the machine that incarcerates two million Black and Latino people a year. He has been teaching youth inside detention centers across the country for seven years. His work in Rikers Island has been featured in New York Times and Fortune Magazine articles.Tongo has published in the journal Roots and Culture. He ran a creative writing program for New York youth who have been incarcerated which resulted in those youth competing in the 2006 Brave New Voices international youth slam. A founding member of Black Fire, he regularly performs at the Nuyorican Poets’ Café and other venues. He also produces a monthly show at the Nuyorican called “Write from Wrong” that features survivors of the prison industrial complex.

Melissa Fadul is a native of Queens, New York. She received her MFA in poetry from Sarah Lawrence College. She teaches high school English literature full-time in Jamaica, New York. Along with poetry, she is currently working on a collection of short stories.

Patricia Spears Jones is a poet, playwright and cultural commentator. She is author of Femme du Monde and The Weather That Kills. Her work is anthologized in Bowery Women: Poems; broken land: Poems of Brooklyn, Poetry After 911; Best American Poetry, 2000 and in the journals: The Black Scholar, Bomb, TriQuarterly, Barrow Street, PMS: poemmemiorstory, Fifth Wednesday, Court Green, and Black Renaissance Noire. Reviews, interviews, and essays can be found in The Poetry Project Newsletter, Calabar, Black Issues Book Review, Bomb, Village Voice, Essence, The Brooklyn Rail, and www.tribes.org. She received awards from the NEA, NYFA, the Foundation for Contemporary Arts and the Goethe Institute and was appointed to the Black Earth Institute, www.blackearthinstitute.org in 2008 and the VCCA Fellows Council in 2006.

Joy Leftow, is a poet, writer and editor of The Cartier Street Review, Smoke, and SLR Magazine. “Writing is breathing, I need it to live and survive – it’s my water, my air, my first love.” “Poet Laureate” of Washington Heights, Leftow is a double alumna at Columbia University and has her second Masters from CCNY in Creative Writing. She’s been featured on Rockland Internet Radio, Indie Feed, and Jazz Poetry Café, and Everything Goes. To date, her poetry and other types writing have published over 100 times.

Soraya Shalforoosh’s poems and reviews have appeared in journals such as the Marlboro Review, Women’s Studies Quarterly, Barrow Street, Columbia Poetry Review, Tribes.org, etc. Soraya Shalforoosh was featured as an Emerging Poet in the Academy of American Poet’s, emerging poet series.

Stephanie Sherman does things that are deemed useless in a capitalist society, like poetry-writing and dancing. She spent two years in Quito, Ecuador on a Fulbright scholarship, teaching and choreographing works that reflected the realities of Ecuadorian society. There, she published her first book of poems, Alucinando en Quito (Editorial Carishina, 2007), in Spanish. For the last two years, she has been writing poems simultaneously in both languages. This spring, she will graduate from Tisch School of the Arts, NYU, with an MFA in Dance. In 2001, she graduated from Vassar College with Phi Beta Kappa and high honors in Hispanic Studies.

Tantra-zawadi, an award-winning performance poet and author, has been spreading her spoken word message to global, standing-room-only audiences for some time now. Her poetry was featured in Essence Magazine and she is the host and founder of WORDSPACE - A Spoken Word Series. Some of her performance credits include Def Poetry-Plugged In at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, The Brooklyn Museum, Barnum Museum, Polk County Museum, Brooklyn NEXT, the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, the Guild Theatre, Trane Studios and When Sisters Speak in Toronto, and the Product(RED) video-wall. Latest CD: Love Planet EP with Collective Spirits. For more info, please visit her site: http://www.tantrasmasterwordplay.com/.

MCs/Hosts: Marron Cox, Sherri Eldin, Vanessa Hollingshead.

Location: Tierra Sana Restaurant
100-17 Queens Blvd & 67th Road
Forest Hills, Queens
New York City

By subway, take the local R or V to 67th Avenue stop (and it's right there between 67th Road and 67th Avenue along Queens Boulevard).

All you need to bring is your love for the written word, but...PLEASE do your best to support the restaurant, your servers, and the performing writers.

Mike Geffner

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Three Poems by Chris Ide

David Cope writes, Garage clean-up find: Chris Ide chapbook left while he was living with me 
and kicking methadone (1992). About 100 poems circa 7-11-87 to 10-11-92.

inscription to a journal beginning 7/1/87

That future boys & girls might read

these days I drag-ass through & feel

a bit less lonely fear, I send back

my love, a confused hungover thing now,

nonetheless, take heed, my heart swells for you

from whatever foreign city state

or body I now inhabit,

I pray to touch you.


The way it works

If you are a poet

there will be days when you'll move to sing

& your lungs will fill with mud,


    if you are a shoemaker

there will be times when you will sit



    you're a mortician

there'll be periods when you're certain

that every damn man will live


& you will be


    One day you'll awaken

napping, in the very middle of the moon--

one day, you'll awaken

quite not at all.


Every Breath an Epiphany . . . 

Some days I find an old friend in the mail box

all pals scattered 'cross country w/ their hangups;

helplessly in love, hopeless broken-hearted,

strung-out unk hungover or engaged

poets/writers all waiting for their literature

that one consolation for living which

is song, cuz love-pomes outlive love

& elegies might be immortal, mere

everyday details existing as one vast footnote--

If only we could live out our lives

in that single lucid stanza,

every breath an epiphany!

Instead time exits as a parasite, wristwatch

clinbs to arm like a blood-thirsty leech

tired years to drown it in liquor found

no poison strong enough instead

the liver swells up hatefull, brain

pickled in eternity of 2 am's

w/ shaky hands & no sleep, genitals

purple from self-abuse, the heart

refusing even to break, thumping out

its requiem beat from behind a cage of bones . . .

Angels of Satiety, I write you into existence,

come breathe life in & out my body

be done & leave me to a common grave;

let my corpse be a feast for scavengers

bind up my spirit hardcover, fingers

rattle my bones, this page will yellow

into dust intermingling w/ air that feeds

the lungs of a future beloved damned

to a life-span Earthling Poet . . . 

Summer '89

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Taylor Mead, Poet Laureate of the Warhol Factory

Renowned poet and performer Taylor Mead reads hilarious original poetry from the last week of his life, drawing on his experience in the 1960?s as a Factory boy.

Mead is best remembered as a Warhol superstar, especially as the nelly counterpart to the acid-tongued Viva in Nude Restaurant (1967) and Lonesome Cowboys (1969), although Mead made his first film for Warhol, Tarzan and Jane Regained...Sort Of, in 1964. Taylor's movie credits include innumerable underground classics, from the first film of the Beat generation, The Flower Thief (1960), to Jim Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes (2003). On stage he created the title role in Frank O'Hara's The General Returns from One Place to Another (1963) and Michael McClure's Spider Rabbit (1971). Mead was the subject of the documentary, Excavating Taylor Mead, which debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2005. Amid the drag queens and the bisexual bohunks, there's Taylor, grandly swishy but unfeminized. "I tried pretending to be a sissy once," Mead recalls, "but the guy I was cruising got so turned off, I said, "I've got to stop that.'"

Please join us for The Taylor Mead Show, on Monday, July 20th, 6:30 p.m., at the Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery, (Between Houston and Bleecker). For more info please call 212-614-0505 or bowerypoetry.com. $6

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

If your around San Francisco this Summer...

Photo by G.Parrish




A poetics course w/

David Meltzer &

Neeli Cherkovski

July 21st through august 25th

6 consecutive Tuesday nights

7:00 – 9:30 pm

Presented by the

Bird & beckett

Cultural legacy project

653 chenery st., SF, ca 94131



$100 for All 6 sessions

in advance, or

$20 per session, on a

space available basis

We will talk about origins -- When

did poetry begin? Why do we

choose the poem as a primary

means of expression? What does it

mean to take on the identity of

"Poet?" These and other crucial

questions become the ground for

talking about the life of a poet over

time, and the relationship of poetry

to art and music. Haiku, Whitman

and Dickinson, modernists such as

W.C. Williams and H.D. -- along with

the poetry of today, will lead us to

look on the role of a poet in the

larger society.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

David Shapiro

This Sunday night at 6:45 pm the Zinc Bar Reading Series Presents

82 West 3rd Street
(btw Thompson & Sullivan)

hosted by Douglas Rothschild and Joanna Fuhrman

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Selected Poems of Steve Carey, edited by Edmund Berrigan

Recently Received or Acquired

The Selected Poems of Steve Carey, edited by Edmund Berrigan
(Subpress, 2009) Book design and typesetting Anna Moschovakis
Cover Art by Jonathan Allen

Book Release at St Marks Poetry Project

Steve Carey Book Party

June 3, 2009
8:00 pm

Edmund Berrigan and Anselm Berrigan co-edited Steve Carey’s Selected Poems for Subpress. The book will be available for the reading. Carey’s books include The California Papers (United Artists), Gentle Subsidy (Big Sky), Smith Going Backwards (Cranium Press), and 20 Poems (Unimproved Editions Press). Anselm Berrigan writes of him: “He was like this huge guy who wouldn’t harm a soul, with a deep voice and ability to loom. Bob Newhart and Jimi Hendrix and Philip Whalen.” Carey passed away in 1989. With Anselm Berrigan, Edmund Berrigan, Tom Carey, Peggy DeCoursey, Marion Farrier, Greg Fuchs, Eileen Myles, Elinor Nauen, Simon Pettet, Harris Schiff and others.