Thursday, April 2, 2009

Review of Blue Rain Morning by Jamey Jones

New from Fell Swoop Press (New Orleans) and Jamey Jones comes a beautiful mimeo, Blue Rain Morning. Jones crafts in this small chapbook (26 pages) some of the best poems I've read this year, whole hearted, rich and accessible. The text, as precise an identification of what poetry can represent after the millennium, after WCW, after Mayer, after and away from Ryan. Jones composes himself to his environment with a confidence that the world is set well and grounded in his ear and eye. Check out this first stanza of Swoon as an example:


for Cayne Miceli

Because the light falls,

Littering the surfaces, crevices,

Nooks, crannies, corners and

Hidden spaces.

It falls to the floor, reaching

For the darkest layers, composting

Leaves, rolly pollies, worms, and


It reaches towards the hearth,

The heart, the legendary

Center, core.

Find this book, walk out through your neighborhood and read slow on a bench in Central Park or on Bourbon Street while enjoying a Handgrenade or Hurricane. Read it, to your grandmother or lover as the pots boil with fresh greens and slices of delicate meat. Read it, in heaven where the copies are many and the poems stand side by side written into the clouds.


Gary Parrish said...

The poem should be single spaced, my HTML is off, so think of it that way.

Marc Creswell said...

Oh, Jamey you Gothic Rainbow
Southern light
spectral breeze
ascend my friend
into the night
your apogee
Zenith Love brother
and when
you descend
take us with
the Earth
to God
you come

PDS said...

The tongue recites your delicious words to hungry ears
while my longing soul wonders
"Has Whitman returned?

Barry Bonifay

Mickey said...

Funny, Linda B. asked me to fix some things in her house and Llisa dropped by the other morning; we talked about you and your poetry. She and Ayden are on the way this weekend, I think. You don't know me from anyone but I wish you the very best. Your Cayne poem makes me sit and think of her. Your words did that so you're alright, IMO.

Best to you, and to Bonnie, Lisa and Ayden ... Michael A. aka Harriette's Michael and I know that Linda would want me to send a big hello and an ILY. Have a gorgeous weekend and a great time!