Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Andrew Lundwall & Donald Dunbar

Photos of Lundwall- Dunbar

Cloud Against

i certify rung by rung
it’s all true
wine-dark bruises
a vividly dream from last night
or before that i am exactly who
to remember sprung out you think
i am wisconsin is a place glamour
goes to drown coughing once
a cautionary mirror leaf-loose
i won’t decriminalize that
mosquito-white true as all marys glare on the lens
in the suicide scene scratches
have mastered levitation smoke's sibling in the soundtrack,
description of the mail-order milk
to un-bedded yeses making a crazed cancer,

the christs echoing in the marquee swarm,
strangers' contrary parts low-flying dosed
are because it caught on fast like stifling
no video will prove me wrong no medicine
no just-love-me-like-thats no pills saved
for no sunday night understand it to be
sort of strapped in anybody's apart
a hand of wood pulls back sheets mostly
maybe using recreationally a one per turbulence
per ghost besides prefer to think of fancy dance moves
nearly conjured the most perjured nights destined to be purged


Gary Parrish said...

The text should be flush to the left, not sure whats going on with my html. Beautiful poem.

Donald Dunbar said...

Thanks for posting this poem, Gary! & I'm glad you enjoy it