Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Trunk of Delirium

Editors: Suzanne Savickas & Cheryl Townsend.

A Trunk of Delirium is a new bi-annual publication of literary and artistic works seeking the finest available from both established and as yet known creators. A subsidiary of Le-Pink Elephant Press, we open the lid to accept poetry, prose, flash fiction, reviews, interviews, translations, essays, plays, and artworks of all printable forms.

Submissions are now giddily accepted at

Publication will be in both web space and print, the later being perfect bound and truly a delight to behold.Subscriptions $15.00
MISSION STATEMENT, A Trunk of Delirium seeks to hold the diverse expressions of today’s most memorable creators, preserving such evoking delights for future consumption of the masses. By offering up its collectives in both web and print spaces, it is intended to make available more avenues to delight in the pulse of our present, yet ever changing, artistic scene of delirious exudence. Let creative liberty prevail!


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Michelle said...

With names like Le-Pink Elephant Press and A Trunk of Delrium how could it not be a winner!

I love the pink ellie hot air balloon.