Monday, January 5, 2009

Book Party for Hannah Zeavin- Circa

Hannah Zeavin has a terrific new poetry book, "Circa", just out from

Hanging Loose Press.

Please join us in celebrating Hannah's first book.

January 9th


300 State St between smith & hoyt st.

musics and liquors to be provided.

"Troubadourian and carnivalesque, Hannah Zeavin bursts onto the stage through a paper window, juggling deep-rooted poems for the 21st Century mind. Post-New-York syntactic surprises balance atop wild Romantic referentiality. Is this fearless time-traveler a New Symbolista?"--Matvei Yankelevich

"Daggers, ghosts of pirates, 60 lengths of loose lace, ferris wheels, jesters, family dramas and the exigencies and suffering of the WWII death camps. Where are we? This extraordinary first collection by the prodigious Hannah Zeavin is circa another century when the old weird America and the world at large strummed its imagination with a searing song. There s a powerful balladic sepia-toned poetics at work in the psyche of these poems. Archetypal characters emerge and play out their gestures as if in a dream. I think of Bob Dylan, of old bluesmen, and the quirky confidence of a young woman wanting to reclaim the mysteries of bygone time and place. Yet we are right here, now."--Anne Waldman

"A mysterious physicality of language abounds amid an awkward eloquence of stuttering measure in Hannah Zeavin's CIRCA. In her fractured inciting imagery, the pure power of imagination's verb is Absolute. Is Untamable."--Maureen Owen

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