Saturday, November 8, 2008

Monkey Puzzle

Issue #5 - Fall 2008 is now available!

For details, visit us at:

The new issue features the following works of prose:

Reflections on Prayer Calls by Alexandra Lukens
Chica Chica: Forsaking Illusion by Ana Maria Martinez
from The Moonstone by Elizabeth Robinson
A Mouse Cage by Lauren Andrews
Falling Asleep While Reading by M. D’Alessandro
Coming to Know (Annie) Oaklynn by Merrill Shane Jones
Notes of a Modern-Day Expatriate by Mittie Roger
Inside Man by Nicholas B. Morris
The Play by Perry Lavin
Some Boys by Shane Joaquin Jimenez
The Kitchen by Stacy Walsh
When I Was Younger by Steve Kisicki
The Handwriting by Varlam Shalamov
(translation from Russian by L. Draaghtel)

and the following works of poetry:

Texas, 1872 by Adam Perry
Meta-Meta Poetry by Amy Catanzano & Jack Collom
Two from Old India translations from Sanskrit by Andrew Schelling
Macaques in a Steambath by Brandon Arthur
Darwin by Brendan Hamilton
Waste Lands by Carly-Anne Ravnikar
Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals by Christopher T. Schuman
Catching Up with Almost by Daniel Dissinger
Multiverse by Dawn Sueoka
Avenue Maria by Diane Klammer
from The Bus is a Van by Hillary Keel
Silent Terrain by Irene Joyce
When We Were by James Kerley
Seventy Monkeys by Jefferson Navicky
Reactive Sandalwood Mala-ic Bowling Balls by Kimberlie Robinson
from the fall by Kristi Yorks
from Details on Photographs by Lindsay Colahan
Don’t Change a Hair for Me and not if you care for me by Lisa Birman
Seven Words by Margaret Randall
Lonely Like This by Mel Kozakiewicz
from She, A Blueprint for InterSurface by Michelle Naka Pierce
It Splinters Through by Nathan Antar
Lobotomy Buttons by Nicholas Michael Ravnikar
An Empire of Coins by Olatundji Akpo-Sani
Memorize by Rebecca Maillet
I Dream We Smoke a Bowl in a Cave in France by Renee Zepeda
To the West by Ryan Clark
Pantoum from the Actual Diary of Christopher Columbus
by Scott Alexander Jones
Old Monk Napping by Dr. Tim Skeen
Seri by Tiph Parrish
Sometimes, the Sky by Travis Cebula
A Wrenching Blue by Yasamin Ghiasi

with photography by:
Ben Olson
Luke Bennett
Andrew Antar
Cecilia Kunstadter
Brandon Gray

and artwork by:
Samuel Jablon
Andrew Antar

with the following advice from:
Julius Caesar

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