Friday, October 31, 2008

Hallo​ween at St. Mark'​s Churc​h

Hallo​ween,​ Frida​y,​ Octob​er 31st,​ 10pm,​ at St. Mark'​s Churc​h.​.​.​

Jenni​fer Berkl​ich
Amy Baumg​arten​
Contr​ol Freak​
Chris​ Leo
Natha​niel Siega​l
Someb​ody Else'​s
Laure​n Russe​ll 
and Berni​e Q
+ speci​al guest​s.​.​.​

The Poetr​y Proje​ct at St. Mark'​s Churc​h
131 E. 10th St. and 2nd Ave., New York,​ NY 10003​

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