Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baltimore Has Poe; Philadelphia Wants Him

BALTIMORE — Edgar Allan Poe never lived in one city for long, and ever since he died and was buried here in 1849 this city has claimed him as its own. But last year Edward Pettit, a Poe scholar in Philadelphia, began arguing that Poe’s remains belong in Philadelphia. 

Full article from the NY Times


Kevin Pierce said...


NEWSWIRE--A scholar of Edgar Allen Poe says that because the author wrote most of his works in Philadelphia, his burial place should be moved to there from Baltimore.

As they do in Philly often, folks will dream of how the coffin
Of the hometown author Edgar might escape the Harbor Shore:
Pennsylvania, he should be in; they're prepared for his debris, in
Hopes his casket might be stolen, stolen as it holds his gore.

'Til that town with love of brothers gets some shovels on the chore,
Poe remains in Baltimore.

Light verse, ripped from the headlines

Gary Parrish said...

Very true Kevin, Baltimore forever more indeed.