Thursday, July 3, 2008

Books Received: Peter Lucas Erixon: Last Remnants Of The Wild

Peter Lucas Erixon:

Last Remnants Of The Wild: Meditations and Exercises

Erixon has managed to infuse the deep sense of nature presented in this beautiful collection with our waking walking world. His lyric and economic value of consonant clusters and rolling vowel sounds break into a new crest from page to page. A truly rare and totally wonderful book.

- Gary Parrish

Dust and Breeze is an American novel with a European ‘soul’ resonance, a study of human beings at rock bottom. One can very well call it existential – It is concerned with how we ought to live our lives. --- Today the base, deconstructive elements dominate the arts. Peter Lucas Erixon attempts to show how a reconstruction of worth and meaning can come about. Dust and Breeze is a song of praise to dialogue.

Magnus Ringgren, Aftonbladet

Erixon’s prose explodes in the skilful scenes which surround Michael Burkin. --- The pictures become denser and press upon us with implacable clarity. --- It is easy to like Dust and Breeze. It is an original book about a recapturing of life, melancholic and urgent, strong in its hesitation, weak in its entrenchment, near to life in a way which is characterized by first hand experience. It is a story to take seriously, to linger with.

Heidi von Born, Svenska Dagbladet

The language is beautiful and without ornament, accurate and demanding and in my reading the author takes yet another successful step ahead in his ever changing writing. --- Strict and ascetic as always, one can say that he discusses the personal responsibility, the social life and the ego’s need to heal wounds, forgive and go on. It is seriously meant and therefore none the less heartening. A song to life.

Tomas Larsson, Östersunds-Posten

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