Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tyler Burba

Tyler Burba & Gary Parrish ,08 BPC
photo by Nathaniel A. Siegel

Poet, publisher, musician, teacher, Tyler Burba, who is one of a kind and irreplaceable is leaving Farfalla Press/McMillan & Parrish. Tyler’s steadfast commitment to the poetry community here in New York and in Boulder is legendary and will be missed greatly. In the years of service that we stood side by side I could not be more proud of my friend, with utmost dignity and courage he brought the light to hundreds of poems, a true poet’s poet. Unselfish, brilliant and kind to everyone who came across his path, Burba taught me and his friends the meaning of Buddha nature, without ego and in plain spoken english, he simply made us better.

Gary Parrish, June 24th 08

Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn NY

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