Monday, June 30, 2008

Anne Waldman

Anne Waldman's Red Noir & Other Pieces for Performance (Farfalla Press 08) is hot off the press. Opened my door this morning to 500 copies. Origanal cover art by George Schneeman and Ambrose Bye. Look for it today at the St. Marks Bookstore and other independent bookstores in the New York area. Order it from Small Press Distribution by the end of the week.

Praise for Red Noir

This long-overdue collection makes songs out of play and play from a series of laments, science fictions, cultural histories. "Red Noir" turns phrases inside-out as it tunes itself to the nonsense of a world breaking our heart. As always, Anne Waldman is there, bold and brilliant, to sing it back to us. - Thalia Field

Anne Waldman trespasses boundaries that would relegate language to a binary of "performance text" and "poetry". Instead, Waldman invites us (the exiled public) into a stunning discourse that demands attention to the particular, to the compassionate "both both", to the bardic revelation of the naked textual voice. Hail to Waldman! Seer, fellow traveler, teacher, and sister prophetic.

-Akilah Oliver

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