Monday, June 30, 2008

Anne Waldman

Anne Waldman's Red Noir & Other Pieces for Performance (Farfalla Press 08) is hot off the press. Opened my door this morning to 500 copies. Origanal cover art by George Schneeman and Ambrose Bye. Look for it today at the St. Marks Bookstore and other independent bookstores in the New York area. Order it from Small Press Distribution by the end of the week.

Praise for Red Noir

This long-overdue collection makes songs out of play and play from a series of laments, science fictions, cultural histories. "Red Noir" turns phrases inside-out as it tunes itself to the nonsense of a world breaking our heart. As always, Anne Waldman is there, bold and brilliant, to sing it back to us. - Thalia Field

Anne Waldman trespasses boundaries that would relegate language to a binary of "performance text" and "poetry". Instead, Waldman invites us (the exiled public) into a stunning discourse that demands attention to the particular, to the compassionate "both both", to the bardic revelation of the naked textual voice. Hail to Waldman! Seer, fellow traveler, teacher, and sister prophetic.

-Akilah Oliver

Postcards from Simon Pettet

Taking our cues from Ken and Anne Mikolowski of The Alternative Press (my personal heros), we here at farfalla have given the poet Simon Pettet 500 postcards to collage, write poems, doodle, glue found text and art in the tradition that set the stage for Ted Berrigan's A certain slant of sunlight. For the next few years an excitement at the mailbox for us all. Pettet brings a new breath to this project with his economic witticism, wonderful eye and keen ear.

Have a wonderful, wonderful day.

Gary Parrish

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tiziano Fratus: A Room in Jerusalem

Look for Tiziano Fratus Chapbook with translations by Ann Gail

from Farfalla Press in collaboration Torino Poesia Press Dec 08

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tyler Burba

Tyler Burba & Gary Parrish ,08 BPC
photo by Nathaniel A. Siegel

Poet, publisher, musician, teacher, Tyler Burba, who is one of a kind and irreplaceable is leaving Farfalla Press/McMillan & Parrish. Tyler’s steadfast commitment to the poetry community here in New York and in Boulder is legendary and will be missed greatly. In the years of service that we stood side by side I could not be more proud of my friend, with utmost dignity and courage he brought the light to hundreds of poems, a true poet’s poet. Unselfish, brilliant and kind to everyone who came across his path, Burba taught me and his friends the meaning of Buddha nature, without ego and in plain spoken english, he simply made us better.

Gary Parrish, June 24th 08

Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn NY

Taylor Mead: A Simple Country Girl

Taylor Mead's fourth book--his best and funniest book--and his first book in twenty years, Taylor Mead, a Simple Country Girl, is a collection of poems that are bright, ephemeral, and brilliant downtown Zen. Once Poet Laureate of Andy Warhol's Factory and now an indomitable octogenarian, Taylor Mead has recently been seen in Jim Jarmusch's latest, "Coffee and Cigarettes." He's a renowned actor, having appeared in innumerable underground classics from Warhol's "Lonesome Cowboys" to the first film of the Beat generation, "The Flower Thief." On stage he created the title role in Frank O'Hara's "The General Returns from One Place to Another" and Michael McClure's "Spider Rabbit." Taylor Mead continues to be the most avant poet on the block--if he were in Japan, he'd be a National Treasure. Here, he's got a weekly cocktail gig at the Bowery Poetry Club (every Monday at 6:30).

Pick up Taylor's new book from Y B K Pub Inc here.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Today in the mail

Two review copies of Anne Waldman's Red Noir (Farfalla Press 08) 
just got scooped out of my mail box, fresh from M&G. 
Book looks fucking gorgeous if I say so myself 
Look for it to drop around June 23.



Saturday, June 14, 2008

Edizioni Torino Poesia Presents: Ludwig Poetry and Review

Torino Poesia Press located in Italy promotes some of the best new voices the world has to offer in translation and contemporary poetry. Ludwig, their new magazine edited by Tiziano Fratus is being built as we speak, lucky for us  we have a preview of their first two issues.

Ludwig # 1 - International Poetry Magazine and Review
Italian Poetry | presenting poetry from: New Piedmontese Poetry
(Vercelli, Novara, Cuneo)
Meeting Festival Poesia Presente (Monza) and poets Dome
and Ivan Fedeli
Poems by Eliana Deborah Langiu from  her new book "Polaroid"
"Amsterdam in the eyes of Turin Poets"

Belgique | the poetry of William Cliff, translated by
Fabrizio Bajec

New Voices from Italy and Switzerland 
In partnership with Festival Poestate in (Lugano)
Poems by Christophe Martella, Elena Jurissevich, Prisca
Agustoni, Pietro Montorfani, Fabiano Alborghetti, Vanni
Bianconi, Yari Bernasconi

New Poetry: Made in USA | first step | Poems by Gary Parrish,
Sean Burke, Joy Robinson

Ludwig # 2 Preview: Six Young Voices from Scotland, New
Australian Poets, New Poetry Made in USA - second step,
Poems from new collection by Andrea Bonnin, Poems from new
collection "Per caso allora, resterei un poco" by Valentina
, excerpts from love' poem "Mangimonio" by Luca
, L'umile Voices from Hong Kong and Singapore poetry

Also be on the look-out for The Meek or L'umile (In Italian) a new chapbook from Farfalla Press
made in colaboration with Torino Poesia Press 
By your own Gary Parrish with translations by Tiziano Fratus.

Also on the agenda a chapbook by Tiziano Fratus " A Room in Jerusalem" Spring 09


Monday, June 2, 2008

Bob Dylan in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Tickets go on presale Monday morning June 2nd at 10am for an August 12th Bob Dylan show at the Prospect Park Bandshell in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY! (Brooklyn Vegan)