Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Two poems by Sean Burke


The cauterized beast
likes my Bob Dylan haircut.
A three-headed, red-
throated bird. The patron saint
of pinwheels and nickels
whispers palsied hymns
to withered hydrangeas
between slugs of sea-
foam and wine. In rush
accompanying strings;
an elephant burns alive
in holy fire; molten
eyes leak down creases
in its face. I think of
words as mineral, but no⎯
they are just fauna
of the floating world
and neurons. After all,
I was there and it was
nowhere, their heaven full
of ugly blondes; a pack of wolves
under the moon, jacks
beneath a rubber ball.


better be trembling eye aloft half heart
half horse eying the half moon like an artichoke
heart aloft in the trembling cosmos
names squint at tangency
here is my portrait
in a very small dream
a pigeon-winged Napoleon
a soft barbarism
eat until you are full
day is a stomach
night is not hieroglyphs carved in bone
long ago horses were tongues
vision is reverence

1 comment:

jd said...

in reverence, I'm
glad to see words
famously organized
and half width wise
as socked feet
warm and comfortable
when the fire is out
and the oil burns
expensive - I'm glad
I can still cuddle
up with a good poem