Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tenth issue of Puppy Flowers directly linked to hot pockets on Saturn

The new Puppy Flowers has arrived. Number ten.

Edited by Christopher Martin
Designed by the inimitable Karl Krause
This issue features the work of:

Glenn Bach
Kit Kennedy
Mark Cunningham
Jessica Fiorini
Gary Parrish
Gary Sloboda
Kendra Sullivan
Travis Nichols

Quick note from Chris

As always, Puppy Flowers never repeats. Our next issue will be our last, so sup hard at the flowery depths. They are mystical and rewarding. If you like what you see, write this down on a napkin and give it to some confounded stranger....

Puppy Flowers 10

Don't forget Puppy Flowers has nine other beautiful issues to peruse.

Happy New Year, indeed...

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