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Junior Burke

Below are two reviews for Junior Burke's Novel Something Gorgeous

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A Brilliant Revisitation of the Jazz Age
J. Cardier (Akron, OH)

Burke weaves an incredible tale of love, social conflict and the thirst for realizing our dreams. His voice is masterful and his characters beautifully developed in a way that will make the Jazz Age with all its loud glory and hidden melancholy come to life for the reader. The most striking aspect of the book, however, is its ability to solve the mysteries of a different Jazz Age novel in a way that will change the classic in the reader's mind forever. Burke explores the many levels of Fitzgerald's masterpiece and deepens them by exploring all the directions in which the book could turn, opening every mystery and digging deep into its essence.

Something Gorgeous is a delight to read but it will also take the reader on a journey through the history of the US and Europe in the 20's as well as the secrets and nuances of one of America's greatest literary classics.

Great American Novel
Anna (Colorado)

This novel is unique in its style and handling of subject. The author captures a time in America where want and desires tended to get the best of people. Through intricate back-story Burke weaves a tale of underlying caution. Often using love, lust and greed as the guide. Something Gorgeous is part romantic love story, often hedonistic. And part a glimpse into a history worth revisiting. It is a fine example of an author doing his homework, as his knowledge is infinite and thorough.
The characters are multidimensional, written so finely as though describing the fantasy version of oneself (both good and bad). At times disturbing, but thoroughly poignant the reader is left with a desire not to fall prey to the perils so well described in the novel. This is a moral tale, however, Burke did an excellent job of never shoving that into the readers face. Rather he let the reader find for herself the values that lie in all of us.

If you are looking for a story to get swept away in, you'll find it in this book. If you're looking for a tale of love lost and the lengths to which one will go to regain love, this novel is it. If you're looking to learn more of a time so drenched in World history, this book is it. Burke created a tale for all the masses to enjoy, while subtly mixing in the importance of being who you are and accepting that with out fear.

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